Janome Mother’s Day Store Display Contest


Reds, pinks and purples are turning up everywhere right now as Mums around Australia get spoiled by their families on Mother’s Day. At Janome, we are spreading the love in store with some bright and colourful displays!

Vote for your favourite Janome Mother’s Day store display and help us determine which store should get the Best Dressed Award.

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Clothsetter – Accessory Of The Month April 2018


The patented Clothsetter has taken the guesswork out of positioning your embroidery. It ensures perfect placement of single designs on your project and multiple designs within the same hoop or between multiple hoopings. It’s so easy, and only Janome has it. This dual function tool converts quickly into a large extension table providing extra support for all your large hooping projects.

This Accessory of the Month has a bonus project for you to make using the Clothsetter.

Download brochure here



Coverstitch Machine: A Beginner’s Guide


See that two rows of stitches on your T-shirt hem? They are not just for looks — but they do look kind of cool! – they allow the garment to stretch without breaking stitches.

Fancy meeting the machine behind these stitches?Janome coverstitch machine 01

Coverstitch machines are primarily used to create professional-looking hems to garments. It has the dual function of covering raw edges of a fabric and also retaining fabric stretchability. This is especially handy for people who like to make clothes from knit fabrics or require seams that retain stretch – think active wear, bathers, children’s clothing, etc.

You will commonly find coverstitch on sleeves hem, pants hem and necklines.

I already own an Overlocker, why do I need a Coverstitch machine?

Well, the short answer is they are really two different machines and do two different things altogether.

Janome coverstitch machine

With overlockers, it’s main purpose is to tidy up seams and prevent fraying. Your overlocker will trim excess seam allowance and at the same time sew a run of neat stitches over the edge.

A coverstitch machine on the other hand, has a looper like an overlocker but doesn’t have a blade. Its job is simply to hem your finished garment edges or do decorative chainstitching.

Coverstitching works well on woven fabrics by keeping them from ravelling. They are especially useful for hemming knit fabrics. The stitch it makes maintains the stretch in the fabric and doesn’t pucker as is the case when you sew stretchy fabrics with a sewing machine.

How many needles do I need?

Janome coverstitch machines have the capability to sew with one, two or three needles, plus a looper underneath.

Used with just 1 needle, a coverstitch machine will knit a chainstitch, which is a beautiful stretchy seam.

Single needle coverstitch produces the straight line stitching seen on a garment’s outside and a braided chain stitch on the garment’s inside.

If three needles are used, then three lines of parallel stitching appears on the right side of the fabric.

A triple needle coverstitch offers both strength and stretch.

By far the most common arrangement is to use two needles to achieve a classic double needle coverstitch.

Typically, you’ll see two top threads on the right side of the fabric.

As there are three needle positions, you can either choose to remove the left or right needle for twin rows of stitches, which are fairly close together. The narrow coverstitch is ideal for lighter weight fabrics or when sewing smaller garments such as children’s clothing.

You can also choose to remove the central needle to create a wider set of stitches. This is the preferred setting for adult clothing and sturdier fabrics. But it really all depends on the final look you desire.

If you’re an avid dressmaker or already own an overlocker, a quality, stand-alone coverstitch machine such as the Janome CoverPro 2000CPX will be an ideal addition to your lineup. This way you can have dedicated machines all set up and ready to do their jobs.

If you’re short on space, the Janome 1200D Professional combo coverstitch / overlock machine is our favourite option. You get two utility stitching functions in one compact machine!

Got a sewing question? Get help here or speak to your local Janome dealer.


Reasons to Buy from an Authorised Janome Australia Dealer


It’s tempting to go online and look for the smallest price tag when shopping for a new sewing machine or accessory. However by doing this, you could be missing out on bigger wins – guaranteed quality and a far superior buying experience!

Here are 4 reasons why you’re better off visiting and buying from an authorised Janome Australia dealer:

1. Quality Control

When you buy a Janome product from an authorised dealer, you know you are buying a genuine product that has followed strict quality control measures before reaching your hands. The factory-sealed box or packaging you brought home came directly from our Janome factory.

Non-authorised dealers may offer products and accessories, or throw in bonus items which may not be genuine Janome products. Using low quality generic branded products may often cause issues with your machine.

Janome has invested in research, development and product testing to ensure you can get on and enjoy your sewing experience without you having to doubt “will this work?”, “I hope this doesn’t affect my machine” which generic accessories can often make you wonder.

2. Customer Service

Nothing beats the hands-on shopping experience. Buying from a local store means there is a range of support available, which you don’t get online. You can ask any questions beforehand, try out a demo model, and get advice on the right machines and accessories for you and your sewing projects.

That way, you have all the information you need to make a decision, so you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. It also makes the customer service process easier and quicker if you need the support.

3. Peace of mind with Janome Warranty*

When you buy from a Janome authorised dealer, you can be 100% certain that our products live up to Janome’s high standard and will be supported by the place of purchase. This means that in the unlikely event there is a warranty issue with your Janome product, it will be repaired by a fully qualified and experienced Janome Technician using only genuine, Janome parts.

*Subject to Janome Warranty T&Cs.

Click here to view a list of all Janome Australia dealers

4. Complying With Australian Standards

Buying from an authorised dealer means that your machine will be set up and ready to use – with a comprehensive English instruction book, Australian power cord and a machine that meets Australia’s strict electrical safety standards.

So save yourself any uncertainties by going to an authorised Janome dealer – you will certainly get a better deal in the long run.


Decorative Stitch Pouch


Sometimes your day is just a mixed bag of emotions. When we have a day like that, a simple sewing project is exactly what we need to relax! Check out this easy decorative stitch pouch project.

We can think of a million things to use this gorgeous pouch for – make up, jewellery, sewing bits and bobs, plus they make great gifts!

Click here to download the instructions in a PDF file.


AcuView Magnifier – Accessory Of The Month March 2018


The perfect attachment to help enhance your sewing capability. The Optic / AcuView Magnifier allows you to get a closer view of the sewing area. Attach the magnifier to make it easy to see the tiniest detail within the needle area of your machine. This attachment can be useful when threading, adjusting the position of the fabric, and carrying out detailed work. The magnifier can be used whilst sewing or can swivel out of the way when not in use.

This Accessory of the Month has a bonus project for you to make using the Optic / AcuView Magnifier.

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Bag An Old T-shirt


Turn an old T-shirt into a handy, reusable bag for a trip to the farmers’ market. It’s a double win in terms of minimising waste – an old T-shirt gets upcycled plus you avoid plastic bags!

Your T-shirt bag also has the advantage of being washable so go ahead and pop it into the washer on your laundry day. You can also make several T-shirt bags with their own colour or label to separate your meats from fruits and vegetables and other items. That would help prevent contamination between washings.

Click here to download the instructions in a PDF file.


Janome Memory Craft 15000 Quilt Maker Accessory Upgrade Kit


Upgrade your existing Janome Memory Craft 15000 to the new Memory Craft 15000 Quilt Maker with this accessory kit.

This kit is for MC 15000 version 2.11 or any previous version. Included in the kit are several feet that will prove very useful for your creative quilting. Each foot was devised and developed with the principle of supporting your creative needs in mind.

Exciting new accessories include: USB Flash Drive with Software Update, Ruler Work Foot QR, Variable Zigzag Open-toe Foot QZ, 1/4” Seam Foot O (without guide), Darning Foot (Open-toe) PD-H, Embroidery Foot P,  Professional Grade Foot HP, Professional Grade Needle Plate HP, Hook Cover for Professional Grade Needle Plate HP, Presser Foot Holder, and Installation/Usage Instructions.

RulerWorkFoot (QR)
RulerWorkFoot (QR)

This foot has been developed specifically for carrying out ruler work. Guide quilting templates along the edge of the foot to create straight, curved or repetitious patterns depending on the shape of the quilting template. The v-shaped gap in the foot enhances visibility.

Variable Zigzag Open-toe Foot (QZ)
Variable Zigzag Open-toe Foot (QZ)

An open type variable zigzag foot which makes it easy to see what you’re working on. Especially useful for detailed areas and layered stitch finishing.

1/4” Seam Foot (without guide)
1/4” Seam Foot (without guide)

Because there is no guide plate, you can sew smoothly without a guide catching on the seam allowance when piecing. The raised ¼”guideline on the left side of the needle drop position makes the foot even more convenient.

Darning Foot (Open-toe) (PD-H)
Darning Foot (Open-toe) (PD-H)

The open-toe 9 mm darning foot makes an appearance. With this foot, the needle is very easy to see when free-motion quilting.

HP Needle Plate & HP Foot
HP Needle Plate & HP Foot

A combination of a professional slim foot and special matching needle plate for high speed straight stitching. The foot’s compactness makes it especially suitable for curve sewing. Also good for ¼” piecing.

Click here for more information or speak to your local dealer to find out more.

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