Working with Dropbox & AcuDesign App for the iPad

The update to Dropbox on the 10th of October, 2017 may have changed the way that you can now access your designs that you have stored in folders within the Dropbox app. Previously you could select the import / export icon to select for Dropbox from within the AcuDesign app. After the update, you can still use Dropbox, just in a different way.

The following directions will help to work with designs that you have saved into Dropbox but wish to use in AcuDesign.

1. Open Dropbox app on the iPad.
Dropbox AcuDesign (2)
 2. Select the Files icon at the bottom left of the screen.
3. Select the folder named ‘Apps’ that is listed under the folders heading on the left.
 4. A new list will open and one will be named ‘Artistic’, select this folder and you will have your .jef files showing.
 5. Select a file by pressing on its name. It will become highlighted blue.
 6. Now select the icon in the top right of the screen. A drop down will show and select ‘Export’.
 7. Select Open In… (The menu will change)
 8. Scroll across until you see the icon for AcuDesign. Select the icon ‘Import with AcuDesign’.
 9. The iPad will then open AcuDesign app. It will prompt you to save the design to use in the app.
 10. You can create your own folder at this point by selecting the ‘Edit’ icon.
 11. Select the ‘Add New’ icon from the list.
 12. Name the folder and description to suit you.
 13. Save the file names.
 14. Save the design to the folder and you will be able to use it through the AcuDesign App.
 15. You will now be able to see the design that you saved in the ‘Imported’ folder in the AcuDesign app.
 To download the instructions as a PDF document, click here.


Free Motion Darning Foot – Accessory of the Month October 2017

Janome darning foot

It’s great fun to do free-hand embroidery with a sewing machine! The stitching is controlled by the movement of your hands while manually guiding the fabric.  This foot is especially designed for free motion embroidery, stippling, darning and monogramming. Skipped stitches are no longer a concern; as the needle moves up and down, so does the spring-loaded foot. This foot gives excellent fabric control while the stitches are being formed as well as the ability to move the project freely under the foot. Furthermore, the transparent foot makes it easy to see the stitching as you darn and quilt.

This Accessory of the Month comes with a bonus project – click on the link in the PDF and the easy step-by-step instructions are right there for you to follow.

Download Instructions

It’s not just what you buy, where you buy matters too

So, you’re thinking about buying a new sewing machine?

Maybe it’s your first time sewing, maybe you’re ready for an upgrade, or maybe you’re getting it as a gift. Either way it’s a thoughtful, long term purchase. But guess what? When it comes to sewing machines, it’s not simply about what you buy, where you buy makes a huge difference too.

You could quite possibly shop online, but you’re trading ease of purchase with the enjoyment of in-store shopping – seeing, touching, feeling products and socialising. Besides, nothing beats the pleasure of instant gratification where you can bring home your prize purchase and start sewing immediately.

The big department store down the street is one other option… if you know what you’re looking for. With big chain stores, it’s mostly help-yourself service; the man in the blue vest can’t help you thread your new machine — he may not even know they sell sewing machines. If you are seeking good old-fashioned customer service and advice, the best place to shop is at your local dealer.

If you’re thinking of investing in a quality sewing machine, you deserve the best shopping experience.

Local Specialised Stores

When you shop locally, you have the opportunity for assistance; access to years of experience; expert advice; are guided through all the features of a machine; and are taught how to clean and maintain your machine. More importantly, you will feel secure and confident about your purchase.

Your local Janome dealers are dedicated sewing specialists. In other words, they have excellent knowledge of their products and will be able to match a machine to your sewing needs and answer questions you may not even know to ask.

Many dealers also offer start-up lessons and sewing classes such as quilting, dressmaking, how to use different presser feet, machine embroidery, etc. If you are just starting out, these are perfect opportunities to ease into the sewing community, make friends with like-minded hobbyists, and have a great deal of fun.

The extra bonus of buying from a local Janome dealer is that should you have a problem with your machine, you can take it back to the store where there is a real person to speak to face-to-face. Your dealer can also offer additional support such as servicing, repairs and upgrades.

Supporting a local business will offer a higher quality buying experience, with experts in technical and education available for you and your machine in the future.

Get to know your local Janome dealer today. You may be surprised at what they can offer.

Tips & Techniques


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