Continental M17 Embroidery Carriage


Amazing embroideries don’t just happen, they are a combination of hardware, software and embroidery design. The Continental M17 brings the latest in hardware and software to give you the best embroidery experience ever from Janome.

A new gantry style embroidery carriage has been introduced to the Janome range with the launch of the Continental M17. This carriage incorporates linear motion rails across the x and y axis providing the platform for our fastest and most stable embroidery carriage ever.

The stability of the embroidery carriage allows for the expansion of the embroidery area to the largest hoop available on the market with the RE46D hoop and the design of the embroidery carriage allows for the fastest embroidery speed of any domestic sewing and embroidery machine on the market today.

Key Facts
• Gantry style embroidery carriage
• Hoop detection, knows what hoops are connected
• Easy hoop attachment
• Linear motion rails 2 x on x axis, 1 x on y axis, smooth and stable motion
• High embroidery speed
• Large embroidery area
• Stable environment for large and small embroidery hoops
• Precise embroidery

Ribbon Sequin Foot – Accessory of the Month April 2023


It’s so much easier to attach ribbons and even sequins with this accessory. This foot is designed with guides through which ribbon or strung sequins can be inserted and it will allow them to feed through evenly as you sew. Beside affixing the ribbon, a wide ladder stitch can be used with narrow ribbon to make an easy functional drawstring.

This Accessory of the Month has a bonus project for you to make.

Download brochure here