Quilt Maker Pro Series


Long arm quilting machines on a frame allow for alternative method of quilting to a domestic machine. A long arm quilting frame is a specialized type of quilting frame that is designed to hold a quilt in place while it is being quilted on a long arm quilting machine. The frame allows for the quilt to be stretched out and held in place, which makes it easier to maneuver and quilt larger quilt projects. The frame is typically mounted on a stand and is adjustable to accommodate height and length for individuals.

One of the main benefits of using a long arm quilting frame is that it allows for more consistent and even quilting. Because the quilt is stretched out and held in place, it is less likely to shift or bunch up while you are quilting. This can help to prevent uneven quilting and make it easier to achieve a professional-looking finished product.

Overall, buying a long arm quilting frame can be a good investment for quilters who frequently work on larger quilt projects and want the ability to create more intricate designs, or for those who want a more efficient and professional quilting experience.

Janome currently has the following longarm machine available:

Quilt Maker 20 with 4, 8, 12-foot frame

Quilt Maker 18 with 4, 8, 12-foot frame

Quilt Maker 16 with 5-foot frame

Janome longarm machines offer features like high-speed quilting capabilities, multiple stitch settings, adjustable stitch length and tension control, rear handlebars, thread break sensors, throat and bobbin area lighting and much more. Click here to view and compare the machine models in our Quilt Maker Pro Series.

Have a chat with a Quilt Maker Pro Series Accredited Dealer to find out which long arm machine will best suit your needs.

AcuFeed Single Foot Holder and Feet – Accessory of the Month February 2023


Janome truly integrates a built-in walking foot with a unique seven-point feed dog system. Since the top layer is fed in perfect timing with the bottom layer, all fabrics move smoothly, even the slippery ones like velvet or thick layers of quilting fabric and batting, and home décor fabrics. Perfect feeding also means perfect alignment of patterns such as checks and plaids.

The AcuFeed Flex'” fabric feeding system is fully detachable and easy to remove when you’re not using it. Select the presser foot that best matches your sewing needs and attach. The single type dual feed attachments let you get in close to sew a narrower area as well as the edges of cloth. Standard and zipper single type feet are available for AcuFeed Flex fabric feeding system only. Use the AcuFeed Zipper Foot to insert zips into plastic coated fabric, leather and any tricky to handle materials without any difficulty.

This Accessory of the Month has a bonus project for you to make.

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