Overlocker Gathering Attachment – Accessory Of The Month May 2018


Specially designed to be use with your overlocker, this attachment creates wonderful even gathers. This specialty accessory is useful when sewing large amounts of fabric and you require a faster and even finish, i.e. bed linens and bridal gowns. With the help of this super attachment you can also gather and sew onto a flat piece of fabric in one easy operation as the attachment allows for two pieces to feed into the overlocker at the same time.

This Accessory of the Month has a bonus project for you to make using the Overlocker Gathering Attachment.

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Janome And The Snake Eye


In 1921, Yokaku Ose, a Japanese entrepreneur founded the PINE sewing machine factory in Takinogawa, Tokyo. He was a pioneer of Japan’s sewing manufacturer and sought to forge new standards in sewing machine technology. The company came up with the idea of replacing the conventional oblong ‘shuttle-type’ bobbin with an unprecedented round bobbin design. This innovation significantly improved the efficiency and speed of traditional sewing machines.

The round shape of the bobbin was thought to resemble the eye of a snake, hence as the new machine gained ground, it was affectionately referred to as Janome (pronounced: Ja-No-Mey), meaning ‘the snake’s eye’ in Japanese.

By eliminating the problems of thread tension and thread tightness, which were issues in the traditional long-shuttle type machines, Janome soon became synonymous with state-of-the-art, quality sewing machines. The name stuck, eventually becoming an official trademark in 1935, and formally adopted as the company name Janome Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., in 1954.

A rising star

Janome changed the world of sewing with the invention of the round bobbin; but they didn’t stop there.  For many decades, Janome continued to challenge old customs and establish new benchmark in sewing machine technology.

Janome took industrial products that were previously niche-oriented machines such as embroidery machines, and made them small, reliable and simple to use at home.

In 1979, Janome introduced the world’s first programmable, computer sewing machine – the Memory 7. Today, Memory Craft computer models continue to revolutionise the marketplace for their ease of use and precise stitch results. Take a look at the Horizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000 and Skyline series.

International brand

As demand grew outside Japan, Janome developed a strong distribution network to make its sewing machines available globally.

Today, Janome has become an international brand that is successfully sold in over 100 countries, and is embraced by both professionals and the home sewists.

Janome celebrated the production of its 50 millionth sewing machine on July 22nd, 2008, a crowning achievement that represents a rich history and a world-renowned reputation for excellence.

Discover Janome 8002DX


The Janome 8002DX overlocker is a beautiful addition to your sewing room and will work side by side with your sewing machine.

For starters, 8002DX includes essential features for simple overlocking. The differential feed system of two feed dogs virtually eliminates puckered edges on woven fabrics and stretched edges on knits. Plus, its unique rolled hem conversion feature eliminates the need to change the needle plate, foot, or tension setting for rolled hemming.

We have also restructured the lower looper guides for easy access. Color-coded guides are easy to follow for 3 or 4 thread overlocking.

All of the features on this machine are specially designed to make this overlocker the easiest to use on the market today. Visit your local Janome sewing shop now and you will receive an additional 4 bonus feet consisting of Blind Stitch Foot, Gathering Attachment, Elastic Gathering Attachment and Cording Foot.

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