HP Foot & HP Needle Plate


So many people love the Professional Grade Foot (HP) and its matching Professional Needle Plate (HP). They are standard accessories with the Horizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000, Horizon Memory Craft 9450QCP, Horizon Memory Craft 9400QCP and the Memory Craft 6700P. These accessories are also part of the upgrade kit for the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 v2 to Quilt Maker Version, plus they are available as optional accessories for the MC6650.

Here are some of the great advantages and uses of this versatile foot and plate:


The first great thing about this HP foot is that the foot and the shank are an integrated unit, which means it is a screw-on foot – very secure and very stable.  This allows for greater precision and better sewing performance, when stitching at any speed.







The narrow width of the HP foot ensures that the contact area and resistance with the fabric is minimized.  Utilize this narrow gauge industrial type foot for curves and precise topstitching and experience the great ease of control and superior visibility it offers.

The default left needle position guarantees the best stitch formation, plus the matching HP Needle Plate is a straight stitch plate, which further increases the stitch quality. The HP foot sits on the left side of the feed dogs, aligning perfectly to them.  The slit in the front of the foot is also wider than a regular straight stitch foot – greatly improving the visibility of the needle placement.

Regardless of the fabric used, from standard quilting cotton to thick denim layers, you can achieve even and smooth seams. Just by aligning the fabric edge with the right side of the HP foot you can sew a perfect ¼” seam. The guide lines of the foot are a ¼” in front of and behind the needle drop position, which makes quilt assembling a dream!! If your seams are straight you are good to go, which is why this foot is perfect for piecing. Additionally, there is a ¼ inch mark on the front of the needle plate, in front of the bobbin cover, which is used as a pre-guide to align with the HP foot.


The HP needle plate has a safety measure mechanism in place: when attached to your
sewing machine, the machine screen will automatically only display the available stitches
for the HP needle plate and HP foot.

The Professional Grade Foot (HP) and its matching Professional Needle Plate (HP)
are the perfect combination for bag making, garment sewing and quilting.

Visit your local Janome dealer for more information about the Professional Grade Foot (HP)
and Professional Needle Plate (HP) along with the Horizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000,
Horizon Memory Craft 9450QCP and the Memory Craft 6700P models.