ASR – Accurate Stitch Regulator


The Continental M17’s ASR foot holder reacts to movement of the fabric and provides the same stitch length for free motion, ruler work and variable zigzag. A camera takes pictures of the surface of the fabric, evaluating how much the fabric has moved.

Once you attach the foot and insert the plug into the connector, you can then select the ASR key to turn on.


  • Dedicated status indicator light
  • Fabric thickness detection
  • Sensitivity adjustment function
  • Four different soles that are easy to change with the push of a button
  • Can be used with foot controller or start stop button

Accurate Stitch Regulator ASR holder attached to the machine. Easily change the feet by pressing the release button at
the back.
ASR-QC Open toe foot
 ASR-QO Closed toe foot
 ASR-QV Clear view foot. For zigzag FMQ thread painting and Variable zigzag stitches.
 ASR-QR ASR ruler foot. For use with all high shank domestic rulers.


Edge Guide Foot – Accessory of the Month July 2023


The Janome Edge Guide Foot is a very versatile foot. Having an adjustable edge guide on the right side of the foot, plus there are markings across the foot. The guide of this foot aligns to the fabric edge or along seams, so that neatly parallel edge stitching and topstitching can be achieved with ease. Available for our 9mm and 7mm models.

This Accessory of the Month has a bonus project for you to make.

Download brochure here