Horizon Memory Craft 9480QCP

At a glance…


  • Sewing / Quilting
  • Accurate Stitch Regulator
  • A.S.R. Ruler Work
  • 11″ Workspace
  • Retractable Light


The Horizon Memory Craft 9480QCP is the second model in the Janome range to have A.S.R. Accurate Stitch Regulator. The A.S.R. feet are supplied standard with the machine; using the A.S.R. Ruler Work foot with ruler work templates gives a professional finish to your quilted projects. You can never have enough light, this model gives you plenty with lighting in 4 locations including a retractable light, which lights the needle area, day and night. The large flat high definition colour touch screen is easy to navigate, and to be more user friendly, the screen has been angled towards the user. The 400 built-in stitches are set out in their stitch families, there is a quick reference chart located in the lid of the machine. Customise each stitch including buttonholes then save them as a favourite stitch. Sewing Applications gives you a variety of pre-set stitch functions, ready to sew zips, blind hem, sewing on buttons, quilting, patchwork and lots more. Quilters and designers will appreciate the AcuFeed™ Flex Layered Fabric Feeding System, the Automatic Presser Foot Lift and the Electronic Automatic Tension Control. To personalize your sewing, you can create your own stitches using the Stitch Composer Software (windows only) supplied as a download to machine owners. The Janome AcuSpark2 App is like a digital instruction book with information on feet, stitches & techniques. Use the QR reader in the App to scan the QR code on the machine screen for more information. Available FREE from the App Store or Google Play.

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Additional information

Wireless Connectivity

No. However, Janome 'AcuSpark 2' App reads QR Code on machine screen. Download app from Google Play or App Store.

Work Space

280mm or 11 inches


Janome's Accurate Stitch Regulator, plus there are 4 different ASR feet including ASR Ruler Work foot.

Sewing Speed

up to 1060 stitches per minute

Pivot Function


Easy Change Needle Plate


Machine Screen 

High-Def Colour FTF LCD Touch Screen

Built-in Stitches


Stitch Width




Stitch Tapering Function


Ruler Work Mode

Yes, for free motion quilting. Use with Janome's ruler work kit.

Floating Mode

Yes, raises the presser foot slightly above the fabric to easily sew through fabric bulk; stitch fabrics with pile and leave no foot burn and great for piecing curves.

Needle Positions


Presser Foot Lift Button


Foot Pressure

Yes, electronic automatic control

Needle Threader

Yes, Superior Needle Threader V2

Upper Feed Device

AcuFeed Flex (removable dual feed system – twin type & single type)


9 white bright LED lights including retractable light

Machine Ports

1 USB port  

Standard Sewing Feet

25 including the 4 x A.S.R. Feet

Extra Wide Table

Yes, with twist off adjustable legs.

Built-in Memory


Machine Size

W535 x H326 x D243mm


13.7 Kg

Free Arm Length

150mm (5.9") to the right of the needle and 254mm (10") total length

Embossed Measures

Yes, on the sewing bed 

Quick Reference Stitch Chart

in lid of machine, plus is a new icon on machine screen to access the built-in stitch chart. Able to select a stitch directly from this stitch chart.

Stitch Length

up to 5mm

Speed Control Slide


Stitch Elongation

Yes, up to 5 times on satin stitches  

Favourite Stitch

Yes, available on all stitches & buttonholes but not including alphabets and created stitches

Mirror Image Stitches

Yes, plus stitches highlighted grey can be horizontally mirror imaged


Yes, when startover selected, stitch will reset to the beginning. 

Bobbin Winder

Yes, wind bobbin without unthreading using extra spool pin

Set Menu

personalize the machine functions via the Set Menu 

Fonts in Normal Sew

7 fonts (Block,Script,Broadway including European characters in each, 9mm Capital letters/numbers,Cyrillic,Hiragana & Katakana)

AcuFeed Balance Dial

Yes, when AcuFeed engaged allows you to adjust feed if the fabric is puckering on top or below 

Drop Feed

Yes with switch

Superior Plus Feed System

7 piece redesigned feed dogs; no more fabric slipping, puckering or shifting 

Needle Plate

has patented needle plate markings for precision sewing with needle drop position, angle marks and sewing guides in front of the sewing foot. This model has 3 different needle plates – Standard, Straight Stitch and Professional Grade.

Thread Cutter

automatic programmable thread cutter; cuts top & bobbin thread at the same time, pulling top thread to underside, consistant cut thread tail of 1cm. Also, standard with this model is the remote thread cutter switch activated by your foot. Remote thread cutter attaches to a base plate with the foot control.

Stop/Start Button

can sew without foot control. Hold in button when starting to sew & machine sews slow, same at end of sewing press & hold button, machine will sew slow. Sewing speed is controlled by speed slide on the front of the machine.

Needle Up/Down Function

you can memorise this function, needle can remain in down position in fabric when stop sewing (default setting) or be programmed to stop in the up position.

Auto Lock-off Stitch button

locks off your stitching at the push of button

Lock Button

a safety function which locks the machine, should be activated when threading, changing the needle or changing sewing foot

Reverse Button


AcuGuide Cloth Guide

Has a manual cloth guide, best used when the extra wide table is attached to the machine as cloth guide held in position with the extra wide table.


optional, set of 3 AcuView Optic Magnifiers™ (1.2, 1.4, 1.6 lens) 

Adjustable Knee Lifter

raises/lowers the sewing foot, allowing the sewist to have both hands available to adjust or move fabric as required.

Variable Zig Zag

free motion stitching using zig zag stitch, stitch width is controlled by the knee lift. Great for thread art.

Upper Thread Sensor


Bobbin Thread Sensor



Stitch Composer (Windows only) download


large accessory box gives you front, rear & under the free arm storage 

Carry Handle

long handle slots neatly around the top of machine 

Janome Accessory Carrying Case

Has a clear plastic accessory box, separate to the accessory box attached to the front of the machine

Foot Control

Large Style

Internal Frame

rigid die-cast aluminium frame for stable sewing at high speeds


16 languages – English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Danish, Norwegian & Czech



  Zigzag Foot A
  Rolled Hem Foot (3mm) D
  Zipper Foot E
  Satin Stitch Foot F
  Open Toe Satin Stitch Foot F2
  Blind Hemming Foot G
  Professional Grade Foot HP
  Quilting Bar L
  Overedge Foot M
  1/4˝ Seam Foot O
  1/4˝ Seam Foot without quilting guide O
  Darning Foot PD-H
  Open-toe Darning Foot PD-H
  Free Motion Quilting Closed-toe Foot QC
  Free Motion Quilting Open-toe Foot QO
  Free Motion Quilting Zigzag Foot QV
  Variable Zigzag Foot QZ
  Ruler Work Foot QR
  A.S.R. USB Cable for Stitch Regulator
  ASR-QC Closed-toe Foot
  ASR-QO Open-toe Foot
  ASR-QV Clear-view Foot
  ASR-QR Ruler Work Foot
  Automatic Buttonhole Foot R
  Stabilizer Plate for B/hole Ft
  Button Sewing Foot T
  AcuFeed Holder (twin)
  AcuFeed Foot AD (twin)
  AcuFeed Flex Professional Grade Foot HP2
  ZigZag Needle Plate 9mm (on machine)
  Straight Stitch Needle Plate
  Professional Grade Needle Plate HP
  Janome Plastic Bobbins x 5  (1 in machine)
  Needle Set
  Additional Spool Pin
  Lint Brush
  Seam Ripper (buttonhole opener)
  Spool Holder (large) x 2  (1 on machine)
  Spool Holder (small) x 2
  Spool Holder (special) x 2
  Button Shank Plate
  Touch Panel Stylus
  Cloth Guide
  Foot Control (large style) + base plate
  Remote Thread Cutter
  Adjustable Knee Lifter
  A.S.R. Accessory Case (Janome branded)
  Accessory Box (resin) (Janome branded)
  Threading Guide Sticker
  Power Cable
  Instruction Book
  Instructional Video (Download)
  Stitch Composer Software (Download-Windows only)
  Semi-Hard Fabric Machine Cover
  Extra Wide Table (Clear) twist-off removable legs



Part Number Description
202125004 AcuFeed 1/4 Inch Quilt Piecing Foot OD (Twin)
202103006 AcuFeed Ditch Quilting Foot (Twin) SD
202149004 AcuFeed Open-toe Foot UD (Twin)
202102005 AcuFeed Straight Stitch Foot STD (Twin)
859833006 AcuFeed Holder (Single)
859835101 AcuFeed Foot VD (Single)
859838001 AcuFeed Zipper Foot ED (Single)
202086002 Applique Foot AP
202097006 Beading Foot (narrow groove) L1
202098007 Beading Foot (wide groove) L2
202461005 Bi-Level Foot
202099008 Binder Foot W
202084000 Border Guide Foot FB
202082008 Buttonhole Foot B
202135007 Circular Sewing Attachment
202089005 Clear View Quilting Foot and Guide Set OV
202085001 Cording Foot H
202506003 Cording Foot H2 [9 holes]
202087003 Ditch Quilting Foot S
202100003 Edge Guide Foot SE
202110006 Free-Motion Couching Foot Set FMC
202096005 Gathering Foot V
202418007 HD Roller Foot
202463007 Lap-Seam Foot
202199009 Large Buttonhole Foot & Stabilizer Plate LR
200130002 Optic Magnifiers with 1.2x  1.4x  1.6x Lenses BP
202213000 Pintucking Cord Guides (easy set bobbin models)
202094003 Pintucking Foot (narrow) N2
202093002 Pintucking Foot (wide) N1
202462006 Piping Foot (narrow)
202088004 Piping Foot I
202211008 Quilt Binder Set (easy set bobbin compatible) W1
200444408 Ribbon Sewing Guide (wide)
202090009 Ribbon/Sequin Foot RS
202081007 Rolled Hem Foot (4mm) D2
202080006 Rolled Hem Foot (6mm) D1
202095004 Ruffler RF
202293004 Sliding Guide Foot SG
202083009 Straight Stitch Foot ST
202310008 Taping Guide Foot TG
202091000 Ultra Glide Foot U
202201005 Ultra Glide Needle Plate & Ultra Glide Foot U
859815002 CONCEAL® Zipper Foot Z
[* CONCEAL is a registered trademark of YKK Corporation]
200334002 Adjustable Zipper Foot (narrow, 3 needle positions)
Part Number Description
200445007 Bobbin Case (for Free Motion Quilting)
990109000 Janome Needle Size 9 (15×1) Sharp [pack 5]
990111000 Janome Needle Size 11 (15×1) Sharp [pack 5]
990112000 Janome Needle Size 12 (15×1) Sharp [pack 5]
990114000 Janome Needle Size 14 (15×1) Sharp [pack 5]
990116000 Janome Needle Size 16 (15×1) Sharp [pack 5]
990118000 Janome Needle Size 18 (15×1) Sharp [pack 5]
990100000 Janome Needle Mixed (15×1) Sharp [pack 5]
202122001 Janome Purple Tip Needles #14 BP [pack 5]
200346007 Janome Blue Tip Needles #11 BP [pack 5]
990416000 Janome Denim Needles #16 [pack 5]
990500000 Janome Top Stitch Needles #11/14 [mixed pack 5]
990600000 Janome Leather Needles #11/14/16 0mixed pack 5]
820828008 Janome Twin Needle (2mm) sharp
5117075BL Organ Embroidery Anti Glue Needle – size 11/75 [pack 5] multi-directional stitching
5506000BL Organ Microtex Needle – size 8/60 x 3 | size 9/70 x 2 [slim sharp point] [mixed pack 5]
5430000BL Organ Quilting Needle – size 11/75 x 3 | size 14/90 x 2 [pack 5]
5102057BL Organ Stretch Twin Needle – size 11/75  width 4mm
5116000BL Organ Titanium Needle – size 11/75 x 2 | size 12/80 x 2 | size 14/90 x 1 [mixed pack 5]
5102048BL Organ Twin Needle – size 12/80  width 4mm
5105080BL Organ Universal Needle – size 12/80 [pack 5]
202010027 Janome Plastic Bobbins x 10 BP
202010038 Janome Plastic Bobbins x 5 BP
Part Number Description
869400908 Spool Stand side mounted (2 threads)
859429005 Spool Stand (2 threads) attaches to rear of machine
859430009 Spool Stand (5 threads) attaches to rear of machine
494710003 Universal Table Stand excl. plate
494408005 Plate G for universal table stand
494709009 Universal side table stand (no hole)