Finishing Your Decorative Stitches


In sewing 101, we learn to lock our stitch when we reach the end of a seam. Lock, simply means to tie off the end of the thread within the stitch and prevent it from coming undone.

With straight or zig zag stitches, reverse stitching is a fast and convenient option to locking your stitch – you go forward, back and forward again to complete the locking stitch. With decorative stitches, there are different ways to complete your stitching pattern.

When you press the reverse stitch button for straight and zig zag setting, the machine will sew in reverse; with any other decorative stitches, the machine will automatically lock off and stop.

All of Janome’s computerised machines have a locking stitch button, which allows you to lock off the stitches with a simple press of a button instead of reversing over the previous stitching. Decorative stitches are programmed to lock off once completed however there are two options you can choose to lock off your stitches.

When using the auto-lock button, it allows you to complete the pattern repeat before locking the stitch. For example, if you wish to have five oval shaped stitches once it has started the fifth pattern repeat you press the Auto Lock Button and it will tie off once the repeat has completed.

However, if you are using the reverse button, it will stop stitching as soon as you press it and lock off. For example, if you want to sew three and a half ovals once you have completed to the point you wish simply press the reverse stitch button and the machine will commence locking the stitch and then stop immediately.

Option 1: If you want the machine to finish its current pattern repeat then sew the locking stitch at the end, press the auto-lock button – it will give you a perfect end to your stitching.

Option 2: If you want the machine to immediately stop and start sewing locking stitches, press the reverse stitch button. The machine will then stop at any point within the pattern and complete a locking stitch.

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