Universal Sewing Table

Machines can sit in the table stably, with an insert plate filling the remaining space to provide a large, flat sewing surface. Not only is there more work space, but the table helps sewing progress smoothly by preventing excess fabric from dangling down and interfering with your work. It accommodates the knee lifter, contains a drawer and offers a generous finished sewing surface. The recess in this table will allow all the mentioned machines to fit, however depending on the machine a plastic template must be used to create a flat sewing surface. This template does not come with this table and must be purchased as a separate item. Please notify at time of purchase your machine to received the correct insert.


Universal Sewing Table [PN: 494710003]                                                                                          L 114cm x W 44.5cm x H 75cm

Template A – MC12000, MC8900QCP, MC8200QC, MC7700QCP
[PN: 494401101]

Template B – MC6600P, MC6500P, 1600P SERIES
[PN: 494402102]

Template C – MC11000, MC11000SE
[PN: 494403103]

Template D – MC9900
[PN: 494405105]

Template E – MC15000, MC14000
[PN: 494406106]

Template F – Skyline S9, S7, S6, S5, S3
[PN: 494407107]

Template G – MC9400QCP
[PN: 494408005]

Template H – MC6700P
[PN: 494712005]

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