Convertible Free Motion Quilting Foot Set

This set includes three feet that can be used with a variety of fabrics for free motion quilting projects. Select the most appropriate foot for the task and attach to the foot holder with a quick screw adjustment. The height of all feet can also be adjusted so they glide effortlessly over layers of fabric.

  • CLOSED-TOE FOOT – Convenient for lace and other fabrics that catch on an open toe, this general use foot is also good for holding the fabric in front of the needle.
  • OPEN-TOE FOOT Also for general use, but with greater visibility around the needle to assist formation of a precise design.
  • CLEAR VIEW FOOT The clear view foot moves smoothly over uneven layers such as fabric with cording or ribbon, and can also be used with zigzag stitches.


9mm Hi/Shank (Excludes Pivot Models) – SKU: 202146001
7mm Hi/Shank – SKU: 202001003
7mm Lo/Shank – SKU: 202002004

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