The patented Clothsetter has taken the guesswork out of positioning your embroidery. It ensures perfect placement of single designs on your project and multiple designs within the same hoop or between multiple hoopings. It's so easy, and only Janome has it. This dual function tool converts quickly into a large extension table providing extra support for all your large hooping projects.


  1. Clothsetter- MC15000, MC14000, MC12000, Skyline S9, MC9900 - SKU: 859439008
  2. Clothsetter - MC500E, MC400E - SKU: 859439101
  3. Clothsetter Table MC11000, MC11000SE - SKU: 860401005
  4. Clothsetter - MC307E, MC350E, MC300E MC9500, MC9700, MC10000, MC10001 - SKU: 850402005
  5. Clothsetter - MC200E - SKU: 856402003
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